9 Health and Wellness Products We're Loving Right Now

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Dec 27, 2023 2:22:56 PM

As a wellness expert, you know that prioritizing health and wellness has never been more important than in today's modern world. Fortunately, these days, there's a wide range of innovative products that cater to this need. Like our curated list of health and wellness products that our team at WRKOUT is loving right now.

Let's dive in!

1. RAD Face Roller: Elevate your skincare routine

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Image Credit: RAD

The RAD Face Roller is a staple in any skincare enthusiast's routine. This unique facial roller helps reduce puffiness, promote lymphatic drainage, and enhance blood circulation. What more could we ask for?

So, get ready to incorporate it into your and your clients' daily skincare ritual for an experience that leaves your skin looking and feeling refreshed.

2. Coach Soak Bath Soak Flakes: Unwind in luxury

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Image Credit: Core FX

Next, we don't know about you, but for us, after a long day, there's nothing quite like a relaxing bath. And, Coach Soak Bath Soak Flakes take the experience to the next level. These flakes are infused with a blend of premium salts and essential oils to soothe sore muscles and promote overall relaxation. So, get ready to transform your bath time into a spa-like escape by purchasing yours in the Store byWRKOUT

3. Body Sport: Fitness essentials for every body

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Image Credit: Body Sport 

Next, Body Sport is a go-to brand for any fitness enthusiast. In our (humble) opinion, they never disappoint by providing a variety of products to support an active lifestyle. 

So, whether you're into strength training, yoga, or rehabilitation exercises, Body Sport offers quality fitness essentials, including resistance bands, stability balls, and more. Our go-to product right now? The Body Sport Rope for an all-over sweat! 

4. Vega: Plant-Based Nutrition for peak performance

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Image Credit: Vega 

Vancouver-born and bred, Vega has revolutionized the health and wellness market with its plant-based nutrition products. And, as you likely know, Vega offers a delicious and nutrient-packed alternative from protein powders to nutritional shakes for those seeking a plant-based lifestyle. So fuel your body, starting with our current fave, The Sugar-Free Energizer. 

5. Pure Encapsulations: Relief for aches and pains

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Next up, Pure Encapsulations. The company and brand are one of our favourites and offer a range of supplements designed to support overall well-being. From joint health to targeted pain relief, it's a trusted choice for anyone seeking high-quality nutritional solutions. So, keep a jar on hand for those moments when your body needs a little extra care. Our top pick right now? Their Cortisol Calm, available in the Store by WRKOUT. 

6. The Hypersphere by Hyperice 

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Image Credit: Hyperice

Next, Hyperice’s Hypersphere. Renowned for its cutting-edge products that provide state-of-the-art recovery solutions, the Hypersphere is a must-have.

And, as a bonus? Hyperice products are known for their Bluetooth connectivity and smart device compatibility. In our minds, this is a win because it elevates the overall user experience during targeted recovery sessions. 

7. Rest Recovery Red Light Therapy: Up your skin game

This innovative device is a must-have on our list. Stimulating collagen production, it promotes firmer, more youthful-looking skin. So, embrace this non-invasive and natural approach to skin rejuvenation by visting the Store by WRKOUT.

And the best part? All it takes is incorporating it into your routine for three to five 10-minute sessions per week for four to six weeks. Now that's a win! 

8. Feel Good Cold Plunge: Invigorating cold therapy

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Image Credit: Feel Good

Embrace the power of cold therapy with the Feel Good Cold Plunge. When you do you'll get a refreshing and invigorating experience that also reduces inflammation, boosts circulation, and enhances recovery. So, take our advice and upgrade your wellness routine with the benefits of cold therapy today.

9. Thesis Products: Wellness at it's finest

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Image Credit: Thesis 

Lastly, our team loves the Thesis products. When you recommend Thesis to your clients, you are not only providing them with skincare or supplements but also offering them a product you can be proud to stand behind. We're loving the Motivation Brand right now! 

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