Help clients achieve fitness goals faster with the right recommendations

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Feb 14, 2024 5:59:11 AM

Your top priority is helping clients achieve their fitness goals — you want to see them become stronger, faster, and live healthier lives. But sometimes providing the right coaching and training program isn't enough. 

Clients also need access to quality products that complement their programs and help accelerate their progress. This is where making thoughtful product recommendations can make a huge difference in whether clients achieve their goals.

In this post, we'll explore how recommending the right products at the right time can give your clients that extra boost toward conquering their fitness goals. We'll discuss how to match products to each client's unique needs and preferences, and you'll learn some best practices for making recommendations that your clients will trust and value. 

5 ways to help clients achieve their fitness goals faster 

Here’s a proven 5-step method for how to help clients successfully reach their fitness goals: 

1. Analyze their preconceptions

The first step in helping clients achieve their fitness goals is understanding their starting point. 

Often, clients come in with motivations based on misinformation or unrealistic expectations. It's important to take the time to understand each person's mentality before designing programs and making product recommendations.

  • For example, a client may have the goal of losing 30 pounds in a month because they think that rapid extreme weight loss is sustainable. Or another client might think they can run a marathon without the proper training. 

As their guide, it’s up to you to uncover these preconceptions respectfully during a consultation. Start by having them walk you through a typical day to spot gaps between perception and reality. You’ll have the opportunity to politely assess knowledge gaps and provide helpful education where necessary.

  • For instance, if a client claims that they’re too busy to work out but they spend 2 hours watching Netflix every night, this could be an opportunity to gently challenge their thinking.

The time spent understanding where clients are coming from is never wasted. It allows you to make thoughtful training and product recommendations tailored to their individual starting points, not your assumptions. 

2. Ask probing questions to go deeper

Once you’ve uncovered any misleading preconceptions, the next step is asking targeted questions to gain a deeper understanding of your client’s specific fitness goals. The more details you can gather, the better you can personalize their program and product recommendations!

Some examples of effective goal-focused questions include:

  • What would success look like for you in 3/6/12 months? This reveals their definition of achievement.

  • On a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to your goal of losing weight? This tests their readiness to change habits.

  • What obstacles do you foresee in working towards your fitness goals? This highlights potential barriers to address.

  • How will reaching your goals impact or improve other parts of your life? This connects their objective to larger values.

  • How can I best support you in achieving your fitness goals? This opens the door to tailored coaching and products.

Asking the right questions and listening intently to responses allows you to truly grasp each client’s unique motivations and needs. This clarity is essential for guiding them to achieve goals through custom fitness plans and strategic product recommendations over time.

3. Set realistic goals

Next, you’ll collaborate on realistic goals aligned with your client’s starting point. Setting achievable goals makes sure they avoid frustration from trying to take on too much too fast.

Let's imagine a new client, Sara, comes into your studio eager to "finally get in shape" but is unsure where to start. She’s set on losing 40 pounds in the next 2 months but has very little prior experience with nutrition or fitness. 

While it’s easy to admire Sara's enthusiasm, her goal risks burnout and giving up altogether. Instead, you might suggest starting with a goal of losing 5-10 pounds in two months through moderate diet changes and beginning a regular workout routine.

At first, Sara seems disappointed to scale back her original goal. But when you outline an initial two-month plan with phased nutrition changes and personal training sessions, she gets excited by the clarity it provides. Emphasize that you'll review progress every few weeks and can pick up the pace once she establishes new habits.

Sara leaves eager to get started on her two-month plan and grateful for a goal-setting approach focused on incremental success. Again, setting realistic expectations prevents clients from burning out and gives them the satisfaction of hitting targets that align with their current abilities. You can keep building momentum towards bolder goals over time!

4. Track progress

Consistent progress tracking keeps your clients engaged and accountable. It also allows you to adjust their programs as needed based on how they're doing.

Most personal trainers schedule regular check-ins with their clients — whether weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. These appointments provide dedicated time to review a client’s goals collaboratively. What milestones have been met? What still needs to be accomplished? Clients appreciate the accountability of frequent progress reviews.

Explore data tracking between visits. Apps and wearable devices make it easy to record fitness metrics like weight, body measurements, workouts completed, and more. Clients enter this data themselves day-to-day while you monitor their progress remotely. You can use this data at each check-in to highlight patterns over time. Many clients enjoy seeing visual evidence of their progress! 

No matter the method, consistent monitoring is essential. As the saying goes – what gets measured, gets managed. Consistent follow-up demonstrates that helping your clients achieve their fitness goals is a top priority.

5. Regularly follow up 

Achieving goals is thrilling, but don't ghost your clients afterwards! Keep checking in to show you care about their wellness journey for the long haul. 

How often you follow-up should respect a client’s preferences, though. Some appreciate weekly check-in texts, where others want to continue building their new habits more independently. 

  • For your more social clients, regular class invites or group training sessions keep motivation high. For your independent clients, on the other hand, quarterly or bi-yearly check-ins keep lines of communication open without smothering. 

The point is, don’t be a fair-weather coach. Follow-ups prove you’re invested in clients for the long run, not just when you’re getting paid to help them. Keep in touch is how you build loyal communities of clients, not just transactional relationships. 

How the right product recommendations can help clients achieve their fitness goals faster

While coaching and programming drive results, the right products can accelerate your clients' progress. When making recommendations, focus on how a product authentically fits each client's goals and lifestyle. Key categories to pull from include:

  • Fitness apparel. Recommend breathable, flexible apparel that supports their chosen activities, like yoga pants for stretching or moisture-wicking shirts for sweaty workouts.
  • Vitamins & supplements. Suggest products that fill nutritional gaps for that client, like protein powders for building muscle or iron for low energy.
  • Fitness equipment. Portable equipment like resistance bands add variety when traveling. Larger investments like smart watches help data-obsessed clients track their metrics.
  • Accessories. Items like workout towels, hydration belts, and foam rollers make fitness routines more comfortable and convenient.

The best product recommendations don't just move inventory — they demonstrate you're truly invested in each client's goals. Personalized suggestions tailored to each individual’s needs strengthen your role as a trusted guide on their health and wellness journey.

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